Dead City


Dead City written by Joe McKinney This story follows a San Antonio police officer during the night of the initial outbreak as he battles his way through the dead to get back to his wife and infant son. Joe McKinney sucks you in with action but where I think he excels the most is when talks about his fears involving his family especially when he talks about his infant son. Starting out I admit I was kinda bored because the zombie’s seemed to be stereotypical old school zombies.  That’s not really a problem with the book or at all, I think I was wanting something different at the time.  I am glad I kept reading because the pace of the book changed and kept me turning pages.  Between the action sequences, near misses with death I couldn’t ask for much more.  One thing that I love doing is theorizing about how zombies could happen and how they could be dealt with, so when that aspect was thrown into the dialog I was hooked. My one solid complaint is that at the end [spoiler]once the danger was dealt with there are no survival details delivered, just bam back to normal after a flash forward[/spoiler].

A buddy let me borrow his copy but you can find Dead City on Amazon

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