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MickRed.com is a production and publishing company dedicated to family-friendly podcasts may seem like something of an anachronism in this day and age. However, with so many people turning to the internet looking for real entertainment that avoids diving into raunchy humor or embarrassing situations, MickRed Productions and Publishing is here for you.

The name MickRed was created by combining the persona names of the co-founders, MickGinger (Mick) and MrRedBeard (Red).

What is MickRed Productions?
Founded in the Summer of 2013, MickRed Productions under the MickRed Network was first organized by two guys, MickGinger and RedBeard. Each of them had full-time jobs with families and was inspired to providing family-friendly content that not only makes people laugh, but brings in a larger audience to join in on the experience.

The first project was the “We’re Alive FanCast” that provides episode recaps along with insights and stories to each and every episode starting with Season 4 of the audio drama titled “We’re Alive” by KC Wayland. The drama is about the survival of a group of people during a zombie outbreak. You can find “We’re Alive” at WereAlive.com and the We’re Alive FanCast here on the MickRed Network for your pleasure.

What We Provide
Since its founding, MickRed Productions & Publishing has created numerous podcasts, blogs and helped YouTubers with their content in covering audio dramas, comic books, gaming, TV shows and movies, science, zombies and more to come as well.

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