We’re Alive Convoy Fan-Tribute Audio Drama

Below is a fan-fiction creation and introductory write-up by LitMaster from the We’re Alive Forums.

Disclaimer: The audio contains NSFW and non-family friendly content and material.

We’re Alive Convoy Fan-Tribute Audio Drama!

COME RIDE with 7oddisdead, Redbeard, Katlero and the rest of the We’re Alive Convoy as we go on a virtual (and partly fictional) journey from St. Louis to the Los Angeles Convention Center!  WITNESS fantasy blend with reality as we interweave the telling of our actual trip to LA in July of 2014 with a fictional story of our characters making a very similar trip five years earlier…

HEAR actual audio footage from the We’re Alive Convoy trip, which quickly changes into a zombie survival story as our heroes enter the Los Angeles area on the unfortunate morning of May 8th, 2009!  BE PREPARED to recognize several character voices from the We’re Alive cast, even those you have not heard for quite some time!  SEE how many sound effects and music cues you recognize from the original show!  PLAY a game with your friends on how many We’re Alive references are packed into this nearly 50 MINUTE fan audio tribute!

It’s a fan-made audio experience you aren’t likely to forget!!!  (uh, until Kc comes out with his next Tale from We’re Alive, which hopefully will be soon… )


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