About WAFC

What is the We’re Alive Fancast?  Well it’s a podcast dedicated to the audio drama We’re Alive.

What is We’re Alive?  Written and produced by KC Wayland, We’re Alive is a story about zombie survival that follows three soldiers and a group of civilian survivors from the initial outbreak and into their daily struggles, fights and all out war.  This isn’t your grandpa’s audio drama or your grandma’s soaps.  This is the best produced audio drama out there today to include it’s well written story line, detailed characters, acting, audio quality and blow your mind sound effects.

Who are we? We’re your hosts Mick & RedBeard who are just a couple fanboys, not claiming to be experts, that like talking about the show. We will be putting out a show each week, usually by Thursday, following each episode release of We’re Alive.

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