Day by Day Armageddon


Day by Day Armageddon written by J.L. Bourne and narrated by Jay Snyder.

Told from the perspective of a journal that belongs to a Naval officer that is living in San Antonio Texas and is his account of the initial outbreak and violence that spreads.  Listening to the accounts makes you feel as if you are there feeling what he feels as he describes the decisions he has to make in order to insure his survival and the survival of his group.

Once you start listening to this audio book you won’t be able to stop.  I’m serious, I started last night and finished this afternoon.  Mick and a mutual friend turned me on to this series and I can’t be more pleased.

Excerpt from the book on J.L. Bourne’s website  I’m sorry to report that despite our best efforts, the anomaly has broken the boundary of government containment measures.  It is no longer safe to inhabit larger cities.  Safe zones are being established on the outskirts of high population centers and will be open to those not infected.

I got my copy from or Amazon, same thing, and listened to it on my android.

J.L. Bourne’s website

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