Make Batman West Again

Picture it Adam West in a delusion of grandeur convinced that he is Batman. That is the Batman movie I want. Is that so crazy? I mean we had a Batman suit with nipples and we had Cast Iron Man so why not Adam West again in a super hero comedy? Just imagine throughout the movie Adam West in the various Bat Suits walking around talking like Mayor West from Family Guy.

Adam West as Every Batman


Comic Book Store Finds


We have a local comic book store Kapow Comics with some pretty cool staff. So cool in fact I decided to move my box for regular purchases to Kapow.  They were having an anniversary sale this past Saturday so we paid them a visit. These finds were suggestions from the owner and one other guy on staff.

  • Mule – one of a kind custom cover art, # 12/20 signed
  • Happy – written by Grant Morrison & art by Darick Robertson
  • Long Walk to Valhalla – by Adam Smith & Matthew Fox

Bought a bunch of stuff from Kapow Comics this week, if anything is noteworthy I will post it up this week.




Comic Artist & Author Trent Westbrook

20160726_140159MrsRedBeard and I (MrRedBeard) have made it a point to seek out local comic artists and authors while we are traveling. To launch this we reached out to Trent Westbrook today and met up with him in Corpus Christi, Texas yesterday. Trent is the author and artist behind a series called Corpus Christi2d4805cdf7a5cb6be75bd70f505f7a48_original

The art work was very compelling so we bought issue 6 unable to find any others. MrsRedBeard reached out to Trent on facebook and arranged to met up to grab the volume. Bonus it is also signed!!! Once we get a chance to read the volume we will post a review.

Tidbit: In 2014 a successfully funded KickStarter campaign was launched to raise the funds necessary to produce Corpus Christi volume 1. We had the opportunity of buying the last copy we could find directly from Trent himself.





RedBeard Reconnecting with Spawn

Spawn Comic Cover Issue 1Slowly I’m getting back into Spawn my all time favorite comic series. There’s so much I’m not remembering about the series so I’m starting back at Issue #1. Comixology has all of Spawn available to subscribers but I want some of the physical copies for my collection. I ordered 1-11 and just got them in. I also have a collection of original figures that I will be getting out of storage soon.

For those that don’t know Spawn is a series created by Todd McFarlane about Al Simmons a Marine that was killed and whose soul went to hell. Given the chance Al sold his soul for another chance to walk the earth and see his wife again but his return among the living is five years later, his wife is re-married to his best friend and Al finds himself to be a demonic creature. Jaded by the situation, the deal and his new position in “life” he becomes a sort of anti-hero.

The art work in Spawn to me is unmatched by any other and is one of the first things that drew me into the series. Flipping through these issues is bringing back so many memories. As I go through each issue I am going to try and at least make note of key things, thoughts and major events here on the blog.

Spawn Collection

Some of you may remember there being a movie but that is a review for another day. But do know considering its time the movie wasn’t as bad as some would make it out to be.



How to Get the Most out of Multiversity #1

Like I’ve said I’ll ready, I’m really digging Multiversity…Here’s a few ways I am getting the most out of this book that I can.

1. Multiple read throughs — This is essential to any Grant Morrison story I’ve read,  as you will inevitably find many things you missed no matter how slow and detail-obsessed you read the first time.  It also helps with every other step…

2. Online Annotations – Once you’ve made it through the book a few times, it’s time to hit the annotations.  These have greatly enhanced my understanding of the events in this book, as well as helping me begin to develop an idea of where the story is headed…

I recommend this link from Comics Alliance: http://comicsalliance.com/grant-morrisons-multiversity/

This one looks good too at first glance https://sites.google.com/a/deepspacetransmissions.com/site/annotations/the-multiversity-1-annotations

Click to Enter, but BEWARE the Gentry!
Click to Enter, but BEWARE the Gentry!


3. Comb the Map – Make sure you are getting your money’s worth from Multiversity by exploring the Map of the Multiverse.  This beautiful, yet confusing piece of trippy art actually contains a lot of very interesting information – as well as easter eggs…(Cubed Earth, Hammer and Sickle planet)

4. YouTube – There are a few decent video’s out there to help round out our understanding of the multiverse.  You might like this one from DC Entertainment- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opoc-AjMlww


If you have some more Tips/Links let me know on twitter @MickGinger0  and I’ll update this post, Thanks for reading!


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Grant Morrison’s Multiversity – Will it Matter? (NO Spoilers)

Just where is Multiversity going, and when it gets there – does it change anything?

Not the Bad guys...right?
The Good Guys…right?

My first read-through of Multiversity #1 went pretty well, and I thought I had a grasp on what was going on…that is until I started to read some reviews.  There is so much happening on and in every single page that I’m not quite sure how to describe it to my friends.  One thing is for sure, if you like finding more story value the more you dig, this book is for you! Before you continue – Know this – I Love this book, and I can’t wait to unravel the mysteries presented…(Tomorrow I post on how to squeeze as much of the Multiver-mystery out as possible) There is one MAJOR (No Pun Intended if you read#1) point I’m concerned about when it comes to this book. What does Multiversity mean to the..uh Multiverse if it doesn’t/can’t Reset Continuity? Multiversity is the next part of a story in which all other previous “event” stories somehow completely rebooted the continuities they ended.  If you didn’t know, there are some story threads and character arcs being borrowed from Crisis on Infinite Earths and Final Crisis (This one Especially, also being written by Morrison).  Except, we just rebooted with the New52 3 years ago, and I can’t see them going wholesale again so soon….so what exactly is this story going to do? Honestly, a story THIS BIG and THIS OLD (2009 Article on Multiversity) cannot have much impact with the reader if there aren’t far-reaching implications.  Ok, I’m glad to have that out of my system – Now that I’ve rested my back writing this piece it’s time to pick up the shovel and resume digging for whatever it was that Grant Morrison hid under here….   Check out my New Comic Podcast over at http://comiccast.mickred.com – Subscribe now, the first show covering New 52 Superman #32 releases Sept. 15th