Sony Google TV Box Hack Research

Sony NSZ GT1
Sony NSZ GT1

This project is still in the first stages of research.

After waiting forever for Google to make negotiations successful and continue to workout bugs some media sources still do not work such as Hulu.

I have a Sony Google TV box model NSZ-GT1. My box has the 20120917 update installed which may not be possible to downgrade.

Hack process involves downgrading and installing modified update files.


Looks like someone leaked HC for the Sony NSZ-GT1

This is a HC update with root for the NSZ-GT1 GoogleTV Bluray Player

from: http://www.reddit.com/r/GoogleTV/comments/lilis/hc_update/

This build works great and contains root (if you remount adb).

Install Instructions:
1.) Download update and place on a thumb drive (at least 512MB capacity) in the root directory of the device.
2.) Plug thumb drive into NSZ-GT1.
3.) Enter Sony Recovery by first unplugging the power from the box, then while holding the power button plug in the power cable. Continue to hold the power button until the Sony Recovery menu displays.
4.) Choose “System update with USB” option (option #3).
5.) The device will ask you if you would like to upgrade, choose 1 for yes.
6.) The device will present a progress bar and will reboot when completed. (Do not turn off the box during this period)
7.) Enjoy HC on the sony NSZ-GT1






Turns out there is a check in place to limit browser and flash from accessing Hulu/CBS/NBC/ABC. (1)

Update.zip exploit (1)

package_list_;cd tmp; cd mnt; cd diskb1; sh t.sh; .zip
/package-updater.sh -l 0 -p /tmp/mnt/diskb1/package_list_;cd /tmp;cd /mnt;cd /diskb1;sh t.sh;.zip

“The command above involved a t.sh bash script (to meet filename size limitations) which spawned a shell over UART and telnetd. From there we proceeded to dump the recovery file system.”

Unfortunately this exploit was patched in the 7/2011 update


Apply Update from USB (update.zip)
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache partition
All update files provided are RSA verified before the box attempts installation


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  1. Hello Redbeard, Topcat here. I have a NSX-40GT1 and really want to at minimum expand its capabilities as most of the original apps are now dead and useless. I will do what I can to help as well as share what I discover.

    1. I’ll dig mine out next weekend and see if I can downgrade the firmware then upgrade android or install linux.

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