What does a 2 year old untouched primitive shelter look like?

Went out scouting the filming location for the next episode of Dared to Survive. We decided to go out to our old location and just see what a 2 year old primitive shelter would look like. To be honest we thought nothing would be left of it especially not the debris. What does a 2 year old primitive shelter look like? It looks like this


2 Years Ago When Built


2 Years Later


Ep 1 Dared To Survive Podcast During Lunch

This is our first podcast episode leading up to our video series on Youtube. This is a rough recording using a phone during lunch with the guys. Most episodes in the future will be recorded with better equipment. Thanks for listening!



Music Credits:
Theme Song
Burt by JM Ballard
Special thanks to JM Ballard for letting us use his original music.
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Minimalist Survival Challenge 2016

At the beginning of 2016 Mr RedBeard is doing a Minimalist Survival Challenge. Here’s the gear load list so far. Be sure to communicate with us on Twitter @DaredtoSurvive. Feel free to give us suggestions, corrections, warnings etc.


Getting gear together for the survival challenge. What am I missing?

  • Pack
  • 2 Wool Blankets
  • Sawyer Water Filter
  • Morakniv Outdoor 2000 Knife
  • A Winchester curved blade skinning knife
  • Estwing Hatchet
  • Head Lamp
  • Ferro Rod
  • Compass
  • Wilderness identification guides
  • State park ranger map with trails marked
  • Rat trap
  • Gloves
  • First Aid kit
  • Aluminum water bottle
  • MSR Pot not pictured

Dead City


Dead City written by Joe McKinney This story follows a San Antonio police officer during the night of the initial outbreak as he battles his way through the dead to get back to his wife and infant son. Joe McKinney sucks you in with action but where I think he excels the most is when talks about his fears involving his family especially when he talks about his infant son. Starting out I admit I was kinda bored because the zombie’s seemed to be stereotypical old school zombies.  That’s not really a problem with the book or at all, I think I was wanting something different at the time.  I am glad I kept reading because the pace of the book changed and kept me turning pages.  Between the action sequences, near misses with death I couldn’t ask for much more.  One thing that I love doing is theorizing about how zombies could happen and how they could be dealt with, so when that aspect was thrown into the dialog I was hooked. My one solid complaint is that at the end [spoiler]once the danger was dealt with there are no survival details delivered, just bam back to normal after a flash forward[/spoiler].

A buddy let me borrow his copy but you can find Dead City on Amazon

Day by Day Armageddon


Day by Day Armageddon written by J.L. Bourne and narrated by Jay Snyder.

Told from the perspective of a journal that belongs to a Naval officer that is living in San Antonio Texas and is his account of the initial outbreak and violence that spreads.  Listening to the accounts makes you feel as if you are there feeling what he feels as he describes the decisions he has to make in order to insure his survival and the survival of his group.

Once you start listening to this audio book you won’t be able to stop.  I’m serious, I started last night and finished this afternoon.  Mick and a mutual friend turned me on to this series and I can’t be more pleased.

Excerpt from the book on J.L. Bourne’s website  I’m sorry to report that despite our best efforts, the anomaly has broken the boundary of government containment measures.  It is no longer safe to inhabit larger cities.  Safe zones are being established on the outskirts of high population centers and will be open to those not infected.

I got my copy from Audible.com or Amazon, same thing, and listened to it on my android.

J.L. Bourne’s website http://www.jlbourne.com/

We’re Alive


Written by KC Wayland and produced by KC Wayland and Shane Salk, We’re Alive is a story about zombie survival that follows three soldiers and a group of civilian survivors from the initial outbreak and into their daily struggles, fights and all out war.  This isn’t your grandpa’s audio drama or your grandma’s soaps.  This is the best produced audio drama out there today to include it’s well written story line, detailed characters, acting, audio quality and blow your mind sound effects.

We love We’re Alive so much we have a fancast for it.

You can We’re Alive at http://www.zombiepodcast.com

Preparedness vs Reaction

Being prepared and reacting are two separate things. Preparedness is what resources, training and the mindset you have. Reaction is how you respond to a situation. You may be saying to yourself those are directly related and not necessarily something that can be compared. Just as an example everyone has either met or heard of that guy who has every tool known to man without a clue when it comes to using them or at least using them correctly. Point is that when comes to being prepared and reacting you can’t have one in its fullest capacity without the other.

Imagine yourself  having wrecked while driving down the road with friends or loved ones in the vehicle. What is your initial reaction? You see two people injured, who do you help first? If that’s not enough of a stressful situation, if you haven’t had first aid training in a while or not at all you are probably not going to do anyone any good and you may hinder the situation.

If you haven’t trained or practiced in a while, well you know that statement like riding a bicycle? It is never that easy not even with a bicycle. There can’t be enough emphasis on training and practice. With training and practice in place it will be much easier to make those critical quick mental notes and assessments while remaining calm which is the key to dealing with any situation.

In conclusion, you can’t just buy preparedness. Be prepared, be trained and be practiced.



Consider this to be a living document and will be updated and revised when necessary.

Urban Survival Part 1

What is Urban Survival? Part 1

So when most people think about disasters they most likely associate Fema and the Red Cross. Others may stumble across wiki articles on survivalsurvival websitessurvival blogs, simple search results, etc. Don’t misunderstand, these may be good resources or starting places and you should consider reviewing them. Just remember that you can know anything but if you don’t practice that knowledge could be useless.

Boiled down to the basics for Urban Survival

  • Be aware
  • Know your surroundings
    • Threats and/or Dangers (Environmental, Structural, People)
  • Know what resources you have and note the unlikely resources (Environmental, Structural, People)
    • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
  • Do what’s neccessary
  • Inventory
  • Make a plan
  • Shelter options
  • Water
  • Food
  • Energy
    • Normally fire and still could be but can also include power, lights, etc
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks

Good resources for those starting out

In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast What’s easier than listening while carrying out other tasks like driving?

Ready.gov Disaster types and response plans

Consider this to be a living document and will be updated and revised when necessary.

Wilderness Survival Part 1

What is Wilderness Survival?

Wiki entry for Survival Skills states that “Survival skills are techniques a person may use in a dangerous situation”. Dared to Survive says that Wilderness Survival is the ability to survive in the wilderness throughout various seasons and weather conditions.

People are most likely to use these skills when they have found themselves to be lost or injured in the wilderness.

Rules of Three

If you know a little about the outdoors then you have probably heard of the rules of three. These are very basic rules to follow when establishing priorities of survival.

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

In addition to these people often look at psychology and the human need for companionship as a key component of any type of survival.

Situational Awareness

  • Make Lists
  • Threats
    • Injury
    • Weather
    • Terrain
    • Wildlife (to include plants, insects)
  • Resources
    • Know what resources you may have based upon geographic
    • Establishing a safe place to for your shelter.
    • Explore (wagon wheel method) area for resources.
  • Not taking unnecessary risks.


FM 21-76 Army Survival Manual

Survival Actions at survivaliq.com



Consider this to be a living document and will be updated and revised when necessary.

What is Dared to Survive

The show is currently in pre-production and we hope to have an episode soon.

What is Dared to Survive?

MickGinger & MrRedBeard on the OT
MickGinger & MrRedBeard on the OT

This is an almost comical web show on Urban and Wilderness Survival, where we take your survival dares and put them to the test. We’re going to go out and probably do it wrong and both learn from it and improve on our techniques. We’re going to show you that you can’t always trust what you see on TV and that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Along the way we will take dares and/or suggestions from viewers and perform them on camera for you.