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So a while back I posted a how-to on displaying a user’s Instructables projects on their own site or projects of those that they follow. I have since then created a WordPress plugin to do the work for you.

Download the Instructables Plugin Here

If you’re not familiar with and are interested in DIY projects go check it out.

Do you author DIY/How-To’s on Instructables?
Do you like the projects on Instructables?

This plugin allows you to post the latest projects you or other authors have posted or projects by keyword on your own site. See an example below

This is an expansion of an Instructable I wrote a while back that you can find here

Display a user’s projects:

c# Edge Detection

This project is a simple example of edge detection. This app takes an image, finds the edges using filters and strength of those filters, replaces all colors with one then spits out the coordinates for the edge. I know there are apps and libraries to do this stuff but I just wanted to take a stab at...
By: MrRedBeard


View State Key Generator

When either hosting several applications on one instance of IIS or hosting applications on a farm you will most likely encounter View State issues/conflicts. This code will generate new keys that you can place in your web.config so that the conflicts are eliminated. All code included uses a random n...
By: MrRedBeard


Display a list of projects by keyword:

DIY Wood Tarp Clip / Fastener

Make your own wooden tarp clip out in the field when you need them - or carry some ready made with you when backpacking, camping and hiking...learn this simple primitive technology bushcraft skill Maybe you have a tarp you're using and you would like to expand its capabilities without punching holes...
By: Patricks Custom Bug Out Bikes


Tent/Canopy Attachment for Bikes

Sometimes people don't always have a place to go if they don't own a house, and others just decide to go traveling outdoors for a few days. This invention allows users to turn their bikes into tents for those types of situations. It is portable and easy to set up, so there's no need to worry about i...
By: Group935


Cardboard Box Fort With Twinkling Lights

After Christmas was over we kept the old cardboard boxes from our packages along with some old Christmas lights and made the coolest cardboard box fort ever! Assembly First I used duct tape to make the fort using several old cardboard boxes left over from Christmas. After that was done, I let my...
By: Jesswilde



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