Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know

Were Alive Gold Rush

If you don’t already know the next project in the We’re Alive universe is Gold Rush. What we know so far As already stated Gold Rush is in the We’re Alive universe Gold Rush takes place outside Fort Irwin Characters will include Muldoon (Shaun Lewin), Puck (Brett Newton) & Robbins (Tony Rey) for … Continue reading

Follow up to yesterday’s Hurt My Brain – Is Gravity An Illusion?


A follow up to yesterdays article “Oh Reddit how you hurt my brain” highlighting awesome physics talks on Reddit. This is a mind expanding nugget PBS Space Time that started out as a suggestion from Mick who never fails to deliver. This is just a highlight and only one of the PBS Space … Continue reading

We’re Alive – About to Hit 50 Million Downloads

We're Alive Fancast

Since season 4 of We’re Alive Story of Survival through then end of Lock Down the FanCast (of what we have captured) has had 63,414 podcast downloads for 70 episodes in addition to over 30k site visits. This also consisted of migration to 3 hosting platforms in order to make everything work. Our … Continue reading

Ep 70: We’re Alive LockDown Part 6 of 6 – Finally

We're Alive Fancast

Free Stuff! The Fancast is back this week to talk about We’re Alive LockDown Part 6 of 6. Continue reading

Wildcrafting While Taking a Walk


Honing in my wildcrafting skills during a walk on Monday. Needed a breather and decided to get up from my desk and take a 5 mile walk. Below are some of my finds. I didn’t have my field guide so I was not able to identify some other plants and decided … Continue reading