Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know

If you don’t already know the next project in the We’re Alive universe is Gold Rush.

Were Alive Gold RushWhat we know so far

  • As already stated Gold Rush is in the We’re Alive universe
  • Gold Rush takes place outside Fort Irwin
  • Characters will include Muldoon (Shaun Lewin), Puck (Brett Newton) & Robbins (Tony Rey) for sure (expect comedy)
  • Expect western music feel to the theme
  • As of August 6th Kc stated that he was nearing completion on the outline of the story


  • Does this happen during Story of Survival and LockDown timelines or before?
  • How many episodes will there be?
  • Who else will be in Gold Rush?
  • How far outside Fort Irwin will be explored?
  • Will zombies be encountered?
  • How will Gold Rush be funded?
  • How will Gold Rush be released?


Forum comment by Kc

Apartment 2C – “Where Do You Go When You Sleep” Pt 2 w/Lauren Croon (Zintern)

Lockdown Finale – Live from Apartment2C

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