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We're Alive Fancast

Join Mick & RedBeard as we discuss We’re Alive episodes, chat with the actors and more.

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  • Gold Rush and other We’re Alive Updates - This is just a brief sharing of information. We just recorded an episode with Kc Wayland Tuesday night chuck full of info. That episode will be put out next week. This is a partial update to Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know. Gold Rush Gold Rush will have … Continue reading
  • BonusEp: Logan – The FanCast Ep1 - This is the first recorded episode of “The FanCast”! It doesn’t have an official page or feed yet, but we’re going to start recording and sharing anyways.  This show won’t always have the same guests, but RedBeard and Mick will normally be one or both of the hosts. Visit us … Continue reading
  • We're Alive Fancast Vote for Us!! - Vote for the We’re Alive FanCast Your Favorite Amateur Podcast   The 2016 Amateur Podcast Championships has been such a great success, we’ve decided to add another award to the competition: THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD Vote for your favorite podcast and share with your friends. Voting ends at 11:59 PM EST … Continue reading

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