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The_MartianThis book was too good to have anything less than 10 stars on our 5 star scale. I have listened to this book 3 times and will listen again. -mrb

Written by Andy Weir a writer and software engineer. The Martian is a story about astronaut Mark Watney, who was thought to be dead, stranded on the uninhabitable planet mars with little supplies and no support, his only hope of survival is science. This book has the perfect amount of science, humor and near misses to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Martian on Audible
Andy Weir’s Website


  • Facts
    • Andy Weir originally wrote The Martian for free on his website in serialized releases. It wasn’t until people requested that he put The Martian on Amazon so that they could read the book in Kindle format.
    • Andy Weir worked for Blizzard where he contributed to World of Warcraft 2.




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