Gold Rush and other We’re Alive Updates

This is just a brief sharing of information. We just recorded an episode with Kc Wayland Tuesday night chuck full of info. That episode will be put out next week.

This is a partial update to Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know.

  • Gold Rush
    • Gold Rush will have a western feel
    • Occurs in “Berg” outside Irwin somewhere
    • 4 soldiers
    • Lots of exploring
    • Lots of comedy
    • Characters will include Muldoon (Shaun Lewin), Puck (Brett Newton) & Robbins (Tony Rey) for sure (expect comedy) AND BURT!!! (Scott Marvin)
    • According to Tony Rey when asked, does this reflect Kc’s time in service, Tony replied I hope not
    • To release sometime this fall
  1. Patreon – Wayland productions is going to be supported through Patreon instead of other crowdfunding options.
  2. We’re Alive Archive – Replacing Apartment 2C We’re Alive Archive is a Director’s commentary providing and behind the scenes with a window into the making of We’re Alive.
  3. Script Book – Creating a limited special edition series of the scripts in print and digital format.
  4. Family Book – A book about the families with the backstory to Angel and Scratch.
  5. Theater for the Mind – A new podcast series is coming that will feature an anthology of audio theater stories and experiments. One of which is the Improv Audio Theater in number 6. Think Twilight Zone.
  6. IA(Improv Audio) Theater – Part of the Theater for the Mind series, featuring improvisational audio drama fully sound designed and produced.
  7. Special pin series – A limited edition pin series is being made with the first one commemorating our 8th birthday. Limited as in once they’re gone they’re gone. Each pin will have a sequential number on the back, making each one unique. Pre-orders start June 1st.
  8. We’re Alive: Scout’s Honor – The next series after Goldrush. The story takes place on the island of Catalina off the shores of California, where a group of scouts must work together to get off the island.



We’re Alive looking for writers? There’s going to be a book?

Have you heard? We’re Alive is looking at the idea of bringing in outside writers to expand the We’re Alive universe in book form. There’s going to be friggin book! From the details released so far it looks like submissions will be taken then reviewed. Below are some excerpts from Kc Wayland’s post on the We’re Alive forums.

I am looking for writers to expand upon the universe in more book form

The writer would essentially work hand and hand with myself but what’s written essentially is owned by the company.

I’m going to be opening it up as open submission thing.

The core of the submission needs to be a good scene or scenes that work together. I look at We’re Alive like a balance of exposition, action, adventure, mystery, fun, and reality (heartbreaking at it may be). Don’t try to cram an entire book into 5 pages either, I want it to be almost it’s own short chapter. Has to have at least one character, and they gotta do something.

This is not fully ironed out yet but we expect it will be soon. There’s also a slew of legal hurdles that need to be addressed so we don’t up with another Spawn vs Neil Gaiman fiasco.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or via the form on our Contact Us page.

We want you to be a part of the show so send us your theories, ideas and feedback. Talk with us on Facebook!  Be involved in the show: You can be involved in the show by emailing us text or audio recordings to werealive@mickred.com or by calling (747) 333-8145 and leaving a voicemail that we will play on our show. You can even text us at (747) 333-8145.


How to Fight Presidents – Hilarious Overview of Presidential History

51iyMt1TF4L._SL300_What to Listen to…… How to Fight Presidents

Ash’s suggestions are sometimes questionable considering his undying love of bad movies but this, this was hilarious. I’ve never been so entertained or laughed so much about historical accounts of well anything especially American presidents.

Written by Daniel O’Brien a hilarious writer for/director for/co-creator of Cracked and narrated by Richard McGonagle.

Richard McGonagle’s narration was perfect for this. His narration is so professional and studious while dropping some of the funniest lines written by O’Brien. Seriously just play the clip about George Washington below and hear it for yourself.


You will surely learn something new to include facts that if you heard them in passing you would think they were BS. For example did you know that Lyndon Johnson held meetings while he was on the toilet with staff and interns present? As if that were not enough there is more…. but listen to find out.

The copy we listened to is from Audible.



The Martian – Book

The_MartianThis book was too good to have anything less than 10 stars on our 5 star scale. I have listened to this book 3 times and will listen again. -mrb

Written by Andy Weir a writer and software engineer. The Martian is a story about astronaut Mark Watney, who was thought to be dead, stranded on the uninhabitable planet mars with little supplies and no support, his only hope of survival is science. This book has the perfect amount of science, humor and near misses to keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Martian on Audible
Andy Weir’s Website


  • Facts
    • Andy Weir originally wrote The Martian for free on his website in serialized releases. It wasn’t until people requested that he put The Martian on Amazon so that they could read the book in Kindle format.
    • Andy Weir worked for Blizzard where he contributed to World of Warcraft 2.




Mick when you see this feel free to edit.