Gold Rush and other We’re Alive Updates

This is just a brief sharing of information. We just recorded an episode with Kc Wayland Tuesday night chuck full of info. That episode will be put out next week. This is a partial update to Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know. Gold Rush Gold Rush will have … Continue reading

We’re Alive looking for writers? There’s going to be a book?

We're Alive Fancast

We’re Alive may be looking for writers to expand the We’re Alive universe. Continue reading

How to Fight Presidents – Hilarious Overview of Presidential History

What to Listen to…… How to Fight Presidents Ash‘s suggestions are sometimes questionable considering his undying love of bad movies but this, this was hilarious. I’ve never been so entertained or laughed so much about historical accounts of well anything especially American presidents. Written by Daniel O’Brien a hilarious writer for/director for/co-creator of Cracked and narrated … Continue reading

The Martian – Book

This book was too good to have anything less than 10 stars on our 5 star scale. I have listened to this book 3 times and will listen again. -mrb Written by Andy Weir a writer and software engineer. The Martian is a story about astronaut Mark Watney, who was thought to be … Continue reading