We’re Alive – About to Hit 50 Million Downloads

Since season 4 of We’re Alive Story of Survival through then end of Lock Down the FanCast (of what we have captured) has had 63,414 podcast downloads for 70 episodes in addition to over 30k site visits. This also consisted of migration to 3 hosting platforms in order to make everything work. Our fans have consistently made everything worth it! Thanks a million

But that pales in comparison to what We’re Alive just announced. We’re Alive is about to reach 50 Million downloads! Holy Burt that is crazy!

Countdown to 50 million downloads…


We want you to be a part of the show so send us your theories, ideas and feedback. Talk with us on Facebook!  Be involved in the show: You can be involved in the show by emailing us text or audio recordings to werealive@mickred.com or by calling (747) 333-8145 and leaving a voicemail that we will play on our show. You can even text us at (747) 333-8145.

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