Pokemon Go Alternate IV Tools Update

pokemon_go_IVSadly PokeAdvisor is still down but in the mean time here are some new tools. This was going to be one tool but as updates roll in I ended up with 3.




IV Calculator for Pokemon GO

Found a new tool that helps calculate IV since Niantic disabled PokeAdvisor’s API access. In some ways its more awesome than PokeAdvisor in that it does not violate terms and conditions and that is a simple screen overlay. This one is not a 100% accurate nor does it provide hidden values but it gets you in the ball park in a fairly easy fashion.

This one is an Android App called IV Calculator for Pokemon GO. IV Calculator provides the tool as a screen overlay and as you can see below it is very close to the values provided by PokeAdvisor.



And before I can even finish writing this MrsRedBeard finds more


GoStats is an app for android that appears to use your login credentials to pull stats from Niantic. The end of the video below talks about it.



Ok so PoGoBag looks a lot like PokeAdvisor and appears to operate in the same fashion. I have a screenshot but I also got the following message so I’m not sure what their status is at the moment.



If you haven’t come across the Trainer Tips channel on YouTube yet be sure to do so. Each episode is packed with tidbits of knowledge.


Alt Tools Cause Niantic is Blocking Everything

Here are some alternative tools for calculating your IV manually cause Niantic is destroying blocking everything. Don’t worry these are tools Niantic can’t block or monitor.  If you have a second tweet to Niantic or write to Niantic on facebook and let them know what you think.

If you know of other alternative tools please let us know.

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Pokémon Go Tip – Eeveelutions

EeveeLutions---ClusterThis and many more tips are located on our Pokémon Go tips & Tricks page.

By now many of you may already know about evolving an Eevee into a specific evolution but do you know how to maximize that evolution? If you have not done this yet perfect we will go over the trick as well.

First you want to identify 3 Eevees that have the highest IVs preferably 85% or higher but the highest you have regardless. If you want to know how to check the IVs checkout the IV article and come back.

Second name the Eevees – Sparky, Pyro & Rainer. Note that these are the names of the trainers from the anime that originally held these. Also note this trick only works guaranteed once. These evolutions are listed below.

  • Sparky to get a Jolteon
  • Pyro to get a Flareon
  • Rainer to get a Vaporeon

Third now if you have enough candies evolve the 3 you renamed. If you used the trick above you should now have the 3 revolutions but with the maximum potential. Maximum potential unlike my Jolteon that I didn’t have this trick for before.

This and many more tips are located on our Pokémon Go tips & Tricks page.

Your bearded nerd – RedBeard


Pokémon Go Tip – IV

This and many more tips are located on our Pokémon Go tips & Tricks page.

So what is IV?

Pokemon Go Screenshot IVIV stands for Individual Value and this value stays constant even after evolution. The values for IV range from 0-15 and can be calculated from CP, HP and Dust with a calculation we’re not entirely sure of yet.

As previously stated the IV seems to determine the max CP you can obtain so the higher IV means the higher possible CP.

Still not clear take a look at this IV Calc for possible clarification.

Highest CP may not always be the best because high defensive points but low CP might be a good gym defender. So don’t go getting rid of everything with a low IV score just yet.

It was found by RedBeard that it made life easier if you renamed the pokemon according to their IV because IV is not displayed in Game. This also gives alternate sorting and makes decisions to transfer easier to determine. See pic. The CP is the % value below the pokemon.

An IV list can be generated using PokeAdvisor

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