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As we find tips & tricks we will update this page. Feel free to comment contributions and we will add them to the list as well as make corrections. Useful videos listed at the end of the page. Understand that these tips and “rules” will change as new findings come out and as the rules/math evolve in the development of Pokemon Go. It appears so far nothing is concrete. If you are unfamiliar with a term be sure to see the bottom of the lost for a list of definitions (sometimes loose).

  • Incense – Spawns pokemon around you like a lure module.
    • Only works for the player using it
    • Standing still – spawns 1 pokémon every 5 min
    • While moving – spawns 1 min/200 meters while moving
  • Lure Modules – Spawns pokemon around a pokestop for 30 min
    • Works for everyone located at the stop
    • Use a lucky egg and increase your XP
    • Most of the time you don’t have to have a lure yourself just go to a local park and you are bound to find multiple stops lit up.
  • Evolving and powering up your Pokemon
    • Do this while at a poke stop using a lucky egg to increase XP (and chances?)
    • Be sure to check the IV of your Pokemon using PokeAssistant or like tool
      • A theory is to only evolve Pokemon that are 88% or higher IV to achieve best possible outcomes.
    • This theory could change based on HP, Defense and Attack values but is good advice at least starting out.
    • Control your Eveelutions – After insuring maximum IV and note this is found to only work once so power up and be sure.
      • Rename your Eevees
        • Sparky to get a Jolteon
        • Pyro to get a Flareon
        • Rainer to get a Vaporeon
  • Spawns
    • When a pokemon spawns at the same location at the same time for lets say group the CP values for each person will vary but note that the IV level for everyone’s catch will be the same.
  • What Matters in the Gym – There are a lot of factors to determining what will win in a fight but here are some details and note that this may change over time.
    • Factors
      • Values – HP, Attack, Defense, Stamina, CP
      • Attack types – Water, Fire, Electric, Grass, Physicic,……
    • Opposing attack types – You want to fight fire with water
      • This is where it gets a bit crazy. If you are fighting a high level CP pokemon in a gym with a low level CP pokemon and you are using the same type of pokemon don’t expect to win but if you are using the opposing attack type there is a good chance that the attacks will still be very effective.
    • Use this chart from the Pokemon DB site for assistance in determining best attacks
    • Raising prestige in the gym for your own team
      • Fighting and beating the first pokemon in the gym against a pokemon with lower CP gives more XP and adds more prestige to the gym.
      • Fighting and beating more than the first gives more prestige and xp regardless of your CP level.
      • Level 10 seems to be the highest you can obtain at the moment
  • IV
    • IV stands for Individual Value and this value stays constant even after evolution. The values for IVPokemon Go Screenshot IV range from 0-15 and can be calculated from CP, HP and Dust with a calculation we’re not entirely sure of.
    • As previously stated the IV seems to determine the max CP you can obtain so the higher IV means the higher possible CP.
    • Still not clear take a look at this IV Calc for possible clarification
    • Highest CP may not always be the best because high defensive points but low CP might be a good gym defender. So don’t go getting rid of everything with a low IV score just yet.
    • It was found by RedBeard that it made life easier if you renamed the pokemon according to their IV because IV is not displayed in Game. This also gives alternate sorting and makes decisions to transfer easier to determine. See pic on right. The IV is the % value below the pokemon.
    • An IV list can be generated using PokeAdvisor
  • Links to Tools and Tutorials
  • Definitions
    • CP – Combat Power
    • HP – Hit Points
    • IV – Individual Value – The potential a pokemon has for CP
    • XP – Experience Points – This is for the player not the individual pokemon
    • Level – Players and Gyms have levels but for the player it is the classification for how much XP has been collected.

CP & IV Levels

Power Rankings

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