Interesting Finds

I found some interesting software on an MIT website today. There were 3 on this page that grabbed my attention.

“StarCluster is an open source cluster-computing toolkit for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)”. First off I didn’t realize Amazon’s distributed computing could be used like this. Then again I haven’t done much with parallel computing since early days with Beowulf clustering. If that doesn’t give enough of an indication this will, I used to get frustrated with some of the machines I had because they did not have math co-processors and most linux distributions at the time required them.

“StarHPC provides a virtual machine image configured for parallel programming in both OpenMP and OpenMPI technologies.” I love tinkering with custom linux distributions especially on a virtual machine. My first thought is that this would be fun to run on various embedded devices around the house.


“StarHydro is an application for distributed hydrological analysis. It allows the user to delineate watersheds and explore various watershed statistics.” Ok so this is probably my favorite find today. I love data especially when it involves the earth. I can’t wait to see someone make a complete computer model of the earth loaded up with live data fed from sensors all over the world.

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