Ep 27: We’re Alive S4 C42 P3 – Chasing Ghosts – Man Tears

Join Mick and RedBeard as we cover We’re Alive S4 Chapter 42 Part 3 Chasing Ghosts – …What Happened …

Shaun Lewin & Tony Rey
Shaun Lewin & Tony Rey


  • Each door had a marking and each is different (a few matched ink’s tattoos)
    •  3 lines an arch with 5 lines of a fan coming to a point
      • ?
    • Fish on fire
      • ?
    • Snake
      • Fertility
      • Guardians
      • Rebirth
    • Birds foot (claw)
      • Hunt, protect, defend
      • Need to be careful watchful (GUARD)
    • Cross with Triangle
      • Order
    • Eye of Horus – the Egyptian Eye symbol
      • Protection and good health
  • Each have an info sheet on a clip board id’d by number with hand written notes in black ink
    • Ernest Hayfer 37 Somatropin (HGH) & Follistatin (protein for muscle growth)
    • George Armstrong 53 Stanozolol(anabolic steroid) & Follistatin
    • Austin Mckibbin (arrow head) Follistatin
      • Notes on mag locks – combative spitter etc
    • Clarence Cohen (tattooist) illegible notes
    • Kenneth Turell no notes and his door is still locked
      • Tanya notes that he is the control element of the experiment

Incredible Fan Art by @JasonVenus

Time lapse on Youtube

We’re Alive Minimalist Posters

If you are enjoying the banter, check out the out-takes after the credits.

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