Ep 10: Bronzeville Episode 9 Coverage

Is Zeke the Bronzeville insider that BlackJack talked to on the phone?

Welcome to episode 10 of the Bronzeville FanCast covering episode 9 of the Bronzeville Series. You’re hosts this week are MrRedBeard and Witch Doctor. We are covering every new release of Bronzeville.

Josh Olson says we’re not even close on the Numbers.

Song – Barbershop Quartet – “I ain’t got no pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters” …. Money  –   NAPPY ROOTS!! Reference? 


This episode is dedicated in memory of Andrew Badgett – Rest in peace buddy

In memory of Andrew Badgett

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Excerpt of Louis Armstrong’s cover of Old Man Mose which is Public Domain which was remixed

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