Microwave Plasma Chamber – Part 3 – What is Plasma? Experiments planned

Photos of plasma being created in a microwave oven from 2 experiments I conducted in the past
Photos of plasma being created in a microwave oven from 2 experiments I conducted in the past

Most people are familiar with 3 states of matter being solid, liquid, and gas but a lot of people are not familiar with the 4th. The fourth state of matter is plasma defined as an ionized gaseous mixture consisting of highly charged positive ions and free electrons (negative charge) that result in little or no electric charge. The amount of energy in each state of matter increases as you progress. Plasma is typically created at low pressures or at very high temperatures. Believe it or not plasma is the most common form of matter in the universe. [taken from definition, wiki, and general knowledge]

Examples of plasma are neon signs, CFL bulbs, lightning strikes and probably what I’m most interested in Fusion (the sun). Uses of plasma can be found in the manufacturing of electronic components such as semiconductors, metal plating of glass/silicon/etc, mineral extraction, ion propulsion and one day a very clean and efficient energy source.

Plasma conducts electricity and can be manipulated with a magnetic field. These properties are at the core of what I want to accomplish with the plasma chamber.

Experiments for the chamber

  • Small scale plasma accelerator
  • Plasma sputter plating of metals on to glass
  • Ion drive simulation
  • Magnetic containment fields
  • Effect of plasma being pushed through a coil
  • Plasma being formed with various gases and/or particle filled gases
  • Custom waveguide antennas to concentrate energy for various applications
  • Effect of electricity being applied across plasma
  • Effect of shooting electrons through plasma
  • Find a way to manipulate power and frequency of RF signal


Microwave Plasma Chamber Part 1 & Part 2

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We’re Alive looking for writers? There’s going to be a book?

Have you heard? We’re Alive is looking at the idea of bringing in outside writers to expand the We’re Alive universe in book form. There’s going to be friggin book! From the details released so far it looks like submissions will be taken then reviewed. Below are some excerpts from Kc Wayland’s post on the We’re Alive forums.

I am looking for writers to expand upon the universe in more book form

The writer would essentially work hand and hand with myself but what’s written essentially is owned by the company.

I’m going to be opening it up as open submission thing.

The core of the submission needs to be a good scene or scenes that work together. I look at We’re Alive like a balance of exposition, action, adventure, mystery, fun, and reality (heartbreaking at it may be). Don’t try to cram an entire book into 5 pages either, I want it to be almost it’s own short chapter. Has to have at least one character, and they gotta do something.

This is not fully ironed out yet but we expect it will be soon. There’s also a slew of legal hurdles that need to be addressed so we don’t up with another Spawn vs Neil Gaiman fiasco.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or via the form on our Contact Us page.

We want you to be a part of the show so send us your theories, ideas and feedback. Talk with us on Facebook!  Be involved in the show: You can be involved in the show by emailing us text or audio recordings to werealive@mickred.com or by calling (747) 333-8145 and leaving a voicemail that we will play on our show. You can even text us at (747) 333-8145.