Stranger Things Season 1

StrangerThingsHoly crap this is a fun ride! Only 4 episodes into it and trying really hard not to power through because there are only 8 total. That would lead to sadness and regret. Seriously though Netflix knocked it out of the park again. Another article will be put out when we finish watching but it has been so awesome I couldn’t resist.

Stranger Things can be described as a SciFi/Horror Mystery Adventure Thriller with an 80’s vibe. There are strange things happening in a small town centered around nefarious government research.

Millie Bobby Brown is an amazing young actress that has just blown me away. So much power with just few words spoken. I will be watching more with her in it.

Also Winona Ryder nails it when it comes to playing a crazy person. I’m thinking when she asked for direction they replied just be yourself. All in fun but seriously she plays a great crazy person.

If you’re not watching Stranger Things you should be because it’s What To Watch.


14 – Audio Book of Awesome

14 by Peter Clines14 written by Peter Clines and narrated by Ray Porter. A dynamic duo that could make a HOA news letter sound entertaining. This book was introduced to me by Raven during the We’re Alive finale road trip to LA. I can’t thank her enough because this book is one of my most favorite to date. Since then I have listened to 14 a few times with each listen appreciating 14 more. 

If I had to sum the story up it would be that 14 is a modern Lovecraftian adventure mystery. The main plot of the story takes place in an apartment located in LA. Upon strange experiences the desire to find out what lays beyond pad locked doors, deep basements and things hidden just beyond the walls.


Peter Clines is a master world builder. The world is so vivid, the puzzles are so deep, chuck full of pop culture references and the journey is incredible.

Ray Porter took this narration to a whole new level. He puts on voices for each character and does it so well that found myself saying I bet this female character is cute then realizing this was a guy’s voice well played sir well played.

Ash & I are getting ready to listen to The Fold. Can’t wait! I hope at some point that we get the chance to interview Peter Clines.

The copy we listened to is from Audible.