R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet

Trapped In The ClosetIf you have not ever watched R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet you are missing out. It is wildly entertaining! Trapped in the Closet is classified as a Rap Opera even though it fits R&B meets Soap Opera and relates more to a telenovela.

Back in the day I binge watched all of the episodes that had been released to that point and forgot about looking for newer releases. When I came across the new episodes on YouTube it was the perfect time to re-watch them from the beginning with my wife who had never seen them before.  It was so much fun I now want to host a Trapped in the Closet watch party. It’s an experience!

R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet has more crazy turns than Paso de los Caracoles. Trapped in the Closet is definitely What To Watch.

Supposedly Trapped in the Closet has the possibility of being adapted to both a movie and a book. I’m in, I’m in shut up and take my money.

Wikipedia actually has a good write up and summaries but RedBeard would love to do a synopsis of this web series. Anyone up for listening to that? Contact us

 I compiled the free episodes into a playlist here

But Wait there’s more!


Manscaping – You can be a man and not be an animal

Manscaping not just hair removal and not just hair growth. Although for me RedBeard a beard is essential. What to use for scents, beards, grooming and cleaning the essentials.

I’m not a fan of most smells that are marketed for men and on top of that after using most scented products, especially deodorants, my skin becomes sensitive or irritated. To combat this and not smell like a hobo I started using lye soaps, natural deodorants, unscented deodorants and castile soaps.

I tend to prefer some of the deodorants marketed to hunters and the Arm & Hammer unscented. I will note that I’ve tried a lot of all natural deodorants with no luck. If you’ve found natural deodorants that work for you please let me know using the contact form.

Lye soap is awesome but Pine Tar soap is even better. I have an article dedicated to Pine Tar soap coming out soon. Until then just know a good source of natural soaps and skincare products is Bee Natural Soap. Tracy the owner is awesome and makes the best Pine Tar soap I’ve ever used. If it isn’t listed in her Etsy store shoot her a message and request it saying RedBeard sent you.

Beard Wax, Beard Butter & Beard Oil. I have tried so many products out there but to be honest most of the ones that I liked or found most effective were too expensive to keep buying so I started making my own. It started by finding several Amish recipes and old balm recipes that have been passed down for generations. I then experimented with almost all of them until I came up with what worked best for me. You can find my beard care products in our store.

As far as scents I tend to stick with woodsy essential oils including cedar, pine, eucalyptus, mint and patchouli. When hunting I use primarily cedar and it really seems to do the job in masking scents especially in wooded environments where cedar trees are present. Watch the store because later this year I will also be selling a cedar spray that can be applied to clothing before and during your hunt.

If you have questions or topics you would like to see covered please contact us.