Ep 1: Bronzeville Preview Coverage

Welcome to episode 1 of the Bronzeville FanCast. You’re hosts are MickGinger, DW Witch Doctor and MrRedBeard. We will be covering every new release of Bronzeville. Forgive us for the audio quality due to technical issues. The audio was cleaned up quite a bit and we promise to strive for better every time.

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Click here to listen to the Bronzeville Series Preview

We broke it down so if you haven’t, take a listen and see what all you hear.

  • When – June 11 1945
  • Where – Bronzeville, Chicago
  • Numbers, Policy Wheel
  • Characters we heard directly or were name dropped
  • Numbers games are helping pay for the hospital, library
  • Story components are going to include love, crime and art

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Listen to our interview with Kc Wayland about Bronzeville

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Music Credits:

Excerpt of Louis Armstrong’s cover of Old Man Mose which is Public Domain which was remixed


SainSmart L293D Fail!!

This is a project in the works but what the hey here’s sort of a preview. The plan is to use 2x 400MHz transceivers via 2x arduinos to control the motors on this RC car. I’ve already taken the original controller board out of the car and made room for the new components.

So I was sitting here setting up a SainSmart L293D Motor Driver using specs and guidance from Adafruit and either I missed something or the information is wrong. At 3.5vdc it works but could be pushed so I grabbed an 18vdc drill battery thinking it would be fine because the circuit as quoted from Adafruit below states that it is rated to 25vdc.

25vdc my foot cause as soon as I set it up smoke popped and I smell burning on both the arduino and motor controller. It still seems to work but surely problems will rear their head.

Just ordered better motor controllers (same as the one used in my R2D2) and 18650 battery holders. Wouldn’t be so bad but I think the arduino board is fried.

Just so anyone else is aware this is the link I purchased my L293D from on Amazon. I already complained but I’m not the first to do so.

4 H-Bridges: L293D chipset provides 0.6A per bridge (1.2A peak) with thermal shutdown protection, 4.5V to 25V