Follow up to yesterday’s Hurt My Brain – Is Gravity An Illusion?

GravityA follow up to yesterdays article “Oh Reddit how you hurt my brain” highlighting awesome physics talks on Reddit. This is a mind expanding nugget PBS Space Time that started out as a suggestion from Mick who never fails to deliver.

This is just a highlight and only one of the PBS Space Time videos on YouTube “Is Gravity An Illusion?” If you’re interested it would be a good idea to watch the entire series in order and some videos more than once. The videos build upon one another increasing the amount of knowledge you will have and understand.

Watch it and let us know what you think?




Gravity – Movie

Gravity-2013-Movie-PosterI freak out about space stuff.  If there is any thing going on that has to do with space, chances are it will have a great deal of my attention.  However , when I first saw the trailer for this movie a few months back for some reason my skeptical brain clicked on and told me that it was probably going to be terrible.  I knew Hollywood would screw it up, and all of the inaccuracies that would surely be there would completely keep me and any other other space geek from enjoying the movie.

Let me be the first to tell you I was wrong, very very wrong.  No, not about their being inaccuracies – there were plenty as Neil DeGrasse Tyson let us know – I was wrong about not being able to enjoy the movie.  It was a complete roller-coaster joy ride the entire 91 minutes.

“Gravity” is the most unique cinematic experience I can remember.  I simply cannot remember another movie that was anything like this.  First, it captured the awe and wonder that I feel about space multiple times.  There were many moments were we were able to see the Earth like only an astronaut could, and there were times when you could look into the vast, lonely, emptiness which is also beautiful.

The tension was so tight throughout most of the movie that breathing became a voluntary action.  The only times that it let up was to try and pull the tears from your eyes with either beautiful shots or surprising character moments.

You must go see this movie while it is still in theaters, preferably in 3D