Projects for 2016

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Here’s a preview of a few projects that I have planned for this year.

Automated AeroGarden

An automated AeroGarden based hydroponic-ish herb garden. I picked up this AeroGarden version 3 at a resale shop for about $8. I took it apart, cleaned it up, tested the unit and found it to be in working order. I need to replace the tubing and filter but all in all that’s a good find. I will be doing this project in stages. First will be 3d printing the planter cartridges that hold the sponge and just get the unit functioning. 2nd will be automating a few functions using an Arduino and holding tanks for nutrients and reserve water.


Time-lapse Camera

An Arduino based Time-lapse Camera. This will be used in production of Dared to Survive shows.

Game Camera

An Arduino based Game Camera that will also collect environmental information such as Temperature, Humidity, etc. The data will be stored on an SD-Card and will be later used in an app to develop forecasting predictions.

Passive Repeater

I want to attempt a few things with a Passive Repeater design that integrates simple bi-directional amplification and/or filters.

Bench Top Power Supply

A simple bench top power supply made from PC and Server power supplies.

More Podcasts

I plan on starting a weekly 15 min per episode podcast covering my top 5 favorite Instructables projects.

I’m sure this list will change throughout the year so stay tuned. Have project suggestions or requests? Reach out to me @Mr_Red_Beard  on Twitter.


Urban Survival Part 1

What is Urban Survival? Part 1

So when most people think about disasters they most likely associate Fema and the Red Cross. Others may stumble across wiki articles on survivalsurvival websitessurvival blogs, simple search results, etc. Don’t misunderstand, these may be good resources or starting places and you should consider reviewing them. Just remember that you can know anything but if you don’t practice that knowledge could be useless.

Boiled down to the basics for Urban Survival

  • Be aware
  • Know your surroundings
    • Threats and/or Dangers (Environmental, Structural, People)
  • Know what resources you have and note the unlikely resources (Environmental, Structural, People)
    • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
  • Do what’s neccessary
  • Inventory
  • Make a plan
  • Shelter options
  • Water
  • Food
  • Energy
    • Normally fire and still could be but can also include power, lights, etc
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks

Good resources for those starting out

In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast What’s easier than listening while carrying out other tasks like driving?

Ready.gov Disaster types and response plans

Consider this to be a living document and will be updated and revised when necessary.