DIY Princess Mononoke Costume

Last year my wife and I made this Princess Mononoke Costume for our daughter barely in time for Halloween. I just recently noticed I posted to social media but never posted here.

The mask was made with paper mache and paper clay, coated with plasti dip and then painted by MrsRedBeard. The ears, knife and spear were made with foam matting, coated with plasti dip then painted. The fur was a bath mat that MrsRedBeard found, on Amazon I think, which was way cheaper than buying it from a fabric store. The knife handle was made from a ping pong paddle and the spear handle was made from a paint roller handle.

The dress was found at a discount clothing store for very cheap. MrsRedbeard modified the dress, sculpted the necklace with polymer clay and made the fur into something wearable.

The Mask

The Weapons

The finished costume




The Czech Republic Wants the Candy Meth too!

(This Article contains very minor Breaking Bad Spoilers from Season 4/5)

Over on my YouTube channel I created a quick little video showing how to make cheap, quick, and easy Costume Meth for all my little Heisenburg’s out there.  I was checking out a few of the stats to help optimize my promotion and I decided to see what country is “Liking” my video the most.



As you can see, the Czech Republic is right behind the US in liking my video.  Normally, I wouldn’t think much of this…Except, in Breaking Bad the Czech Republic is a major meth buyer for Walt and I’ve read that meth production is centered there.  It’s probably just a fluke right? Maybe the questionable traffic source in the picture below is a coincidence…