Chickens! Part 3

Day 24

They grow fast! The chicken box & top is working out great. It won’t be long before they go out to the pen.

Cochins day 24


Chickens! Part 2

Day 9

Chickens we’re getting too big for the box so we upgraded to larger rubber tub. They quickly found their way out this one too so I had to come up with a way to contain them. This is just a temporary measure until all of the winter weather has pushed out and the kennel is fully setup.

I cut the middle of the lid out and sandwiched chicken wire between 2 sets of 2 1×4’s then screwed them together.

Chicken box wired top Chicken box wired top Chicken box wired top

Chickens! Part 1

Picked up 6 chickens on the 14th. These are 2 variations of the Cochin breed.

Day 1


Chickens day 4

Day 4

Chickens day 1

MrsRedBeard came up with the idea to use my mic stand to hold the heat lamp so that the height can be adjusted.