Chickens! Part 6

Day 84

Can’t believe its been 84 days. I need to be taking more photos. Just a note that I’ve only spent about $40 in feed.

These little raptors are getting bigger. Just to think these guys ancestors were most likely dinosaurs.

Chickens Day 84 Chickens Day 84



Chickens! Part 5

Day 37

Mounted the poles to the top of the kennel last night so that I could hang the rabbit cages. I used U-bolts to attach the cages to the poles and I used 2 poles so that the cages would remain stationary.





Rabbit Cages


Chickens! Part 4

Day 28

So we needed a way to protect the chickens and rabbits from other animals. The plan was to create a border around the fence with chicken wire. This will prevent the rabbits from digging out and other animals from digging in.

I picked up some tent stakes yesterday from Harbor Freight for about $2 a pack and some chicken wire from Tractor Supply a little while ago. Today we got out and installed it, below is the result. Also from Harbor Freight is a 10’x12′ net I got for $30 with a 20% off coupon to cover the top of the kennel to prevent hawks from getting in.

Next step is to build the hanging cages for the rabbits.

Stakes for kennel Stakes for kennel Stakes for kennel



Chickens! Part 3

Day 24

They grow fast! The chicken box & top is working out great. It won’t be long before they go out to the pen.

Cochins day 24



Chickens! Part 2

Day 9

Chickens we’re getting too big for the box so we upgraded to larger rubber tub. They quickly found their way out this one too so I had to come up with a way to contain them. This is just a temporary measure until all of the winter weather has pushed out and the kennel is fully setup.

I cut the middle of the lid out and sandwiched chicken wire between 2 sets of 2 1×4’s then screwed them together.

Chicken box wired top Chicken box wired top Chicken box wired top


Chickens! Part 1

Picked up 6 chickens on the 14th. These are 2 variations of the Cochin breed.

Day 1


Chickens day 4

Day 4

Chickens day 1

MrsRedBeard came up with the idea to use my mic stand to hold the heat lamp so that the height can be adjusted.