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Into the mind of Mr Red Beard a blog to release the flow of ideas – DIY Projects, Janky Science, Outlet for Nerding Out, Robotics, Programming, Electronics and whatever whim I’m feeling.

  • Microwave Plasma Chamber – Part 2 – RF Energy Shielding Primer - There’s a lot of in-depth overview random basic RF information. With that said I don’t mind getting into the details because this information will help keep me safe while I perform experiments in the future. A magnetron generates large amounts of RF energy and emits that energy as an antenna pumped through … Continue reading
  • Microwave Plasma Chamber – Part 1 – The Plan - Normally I throw together a project with rough notes, research along the way, then after half attempts/failures I get around to cooking that down to a post on here. This time you will get everything. With this project I will be posting my ideas, planning, results of research and the project … Continue reading
  • SainSmart L293D Fail!! - This is a project in the works but what the hey here’s sort of a preview. The plan is to use 2x 400MHz transceivers via 2x arduinos to control the motors on this RC car. I’ve already taken the original controller board out of the car and made room for … Continue reading

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