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Into the mind of Mr Red Beard a blog to release the flow of ideas – DIY Projects, Janky Science, Outlet for Nerding Out, Robotics, Programming, Electronics and whatever whim I’m feeling.

  • The Bronzeville Numbers Unbreakable? Part 1 - Josh Olson says his numbers code is unbreakable. Do you like puzzles, sudoku? If so have fun and contact us to tell us what you find. Maybe in sheer numbers we can brute force the answer. What has been said Said that it is not based on crypto Told to throw … Continue reading
  • Reuleaux RX2/3 Fix Wismec Reuleaux rX2/3 Check Battery Fix - If you want help fixing your device or want me to do it please contact me. With no drops, no overheating, 2 batteries in use and a lower power user the Wismec rX2/3 started throwing a Check Battery error. I did not have the proper hex bit to do the existing standard fixes … Continue reading
  • DIY Geiger Counter – Planning - I’ve always wanted to have and build a Geiger Counter. This doesn’t mean I want to start experimenting with radioactive materials, I just have a general interest. At most I might collect items from thrift stores that measure higher than normal amounts of radiation. At most I wouldn’t mind sputtering … Continue reading

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