We Are Legion (We Are Bob) Reference

This is a compilation of references for the book We Are Legion (We Are Bob).

Caution Spoilers

AuthorDennis E. Taylor

Narrator: Ray Porter


  • Book 1: We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse
  • Book 2: “For We Are Many” Released March/2017
  • Book 3: “All These Worlds”, Released August 2017
  • More to come from the Bobiverse

 Bob Trilogy Covers


  • AMI – Artificial Machine Intelligence
  • FAITH – Free American Independent Theocratic Hegemony
  • ASI – Applied Synergetics Inc
  • TCS – Total Cyber Systems
  • ROAMER – Remote Observation And Manipulation Devices
  • VAST – Variable Attachment Surface Tension
  • WALDO – Word for a robotic arm from the eponymous Heinlein short story
  • SUDDAR – Subspace Deformation Detection And Ranging
  • IO – Input Output
  • GUPPI – General Unit Primary Peripheral Interface
  • HEAVEN – Habitable Earth’s Abiogenic Vessel Exploration Network

Bob ?Family? Tree

  • Robert (Bob) Johansson
    • Bob, Heaven 1?, Killed in attack when his onsite AI Matrix was destroyed
      • Bob1, Heaven 1A, Serial: SOL1, Delta Eridani – Bob’s new ship is Heaven 1A vs old body being Heaven 1?
        • Riker, Bob 2, #2, Heaven 2, Serial: HIC16537-1 (Hipparchus catalog number?), Earth
          • Homer
        • Bill, Bob 3, Heaven 3 – Defective emitter, Epsilon Eridani – Ragnarok
          • Garfield
        • Milo, Bob 4, Heaven 4 – Airship, Omicron Square Eridani – double planet Vulcan & Romulus
        • Mario, Bob 5, Heaven 5 – Antisocial – Grey background, Beta Hydri
  1. Hipparchus of Nicaea was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician. He is considered the founder of trigonometry but is most famous for his incidental discovery of precession of the equinoxes. Wikipedia


  • Is there a difference between Clones and Restores from Backups?


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