WAFC Live Fan Interactive Show FAQ

When: Monday June 30th 9:30 PM CDT/ 7:30 PM PDT What: A brief version of our We’re Alive FanCast followed by We’re Alive Fan’s joining our show! Where: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySSdmeLtUj0

  • How can I join the live show?
    • There will be a link in the YouTube description to join the show once it is opened up for everyone. You will need to refresh the YouTube page when we announce that she show is opened for all.
  • What will I need if I want to talk?
    • First we ask that you keep the language clean, we try to make sure that parents can listen safely around their children
    • You must have a microphone and it would be preferable if you wore headphones/earbuds so that there isn’t an echo in the show audio.
    • We think you will need a google account to join the show (Someone please verify Monday).
    • Do not have music playing if you are on the show (even if you are muted) Google’s Content ID analyzer will shut down the show.
  • Can I just listen to the show?
    • Even if you don’t want to join the show, please feel free to chat with everyone in the youtube window!
  • Anything Else I should know for when I’m on the show?
    • Please mute your microphone when you aren’t talking (Click the picture of a mic on your screen).

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