Who Lives in a Pineapple?


  • Spongebob Peltier Cooler missing power cord – $6 from Savers (a thrift shop) – Originally sold for $45-$60
  • DC Female Plug – $3.99 from radio shack
  • 12vdc Power Supply – $1.99 from Savers (a thrift shop)
  • Total Cost – 11.98
  • Cost Difference from Original Price: ~$38.02

I searched for a while to try and find a power cord with no luck. So I bought and installed a new one from Radio Shack. IT WORKS!!!

IMG_20150102_182446 IMG_20150102_182607 IMG_20150102_182707 IMG_20150102_182458 IMG_20150102_182512 IMG_20150102_182526 20150102_185451 IMG_20150102_183116 20150102_184449 20150102_192910 20150102_193844


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