Gold Rush and other We’re Alive Updates

This is just a brief sharing of information. We just recorded an episode with Kc Wayland Tuesday night chuck full of info. That episode will be put out next week. This is a partial update to Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know. Gold Rush Gold Rush will have … Continue reading

Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know

Were Alive Gold Rush

If you don’t already know the next project in the We’re Alive universe is Gold Rush. What we know so far As already stated Gold Rush is in the We’re Alive universe Gold Rush takes place outside Fort Irwin Characters will include Muldoon (Shaun Lewin), Puck (Brett Newton) & Robbins (Tony Rey) for … Continue reading

Ep 27: We’re Alive S4 C42 P3 – Chasing Ghosts – Man Tears

We're Alive Fancast

Join Mick and RedBeard as we cover We’re Alive S4 Chapter 42 Part 3 Chasing Ghosts – …What Happened … Each door had a marking and each is different (a few matched ink’s tattoos)  3 lines an arch with 5 lines of a fan coming to a point ? Fish … Continue reading