Wismec Reuleaux rX2/3 Check Battery Fix

Reuleaux RX2/3 Fix

If you want help fixing your device or want me to do it please contact me. With no drops, no overheating, 2 batteries in use and a lower power user the Wismec rX2/3 started throwing a Check Battery error. I did not have the proper hex bit to do the existing standard fixes … Continue reading

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 Power Supply Repair

715t2056-1 Prior to Repairs

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 2006 – 37” LCD TV with Fluorescent Backlight Information on TV Got a call about this Philips TV and was asked if I could fix it. When I went to check it out the TV was already taken apart and the owner had already researched the … Continue reading