Microwave Plasma Chamber – Part 1 – The Plan

Normally I throw together a project with rough notes, research along the way, then after half attempts/failures I get around to cooking that down to a post on here. This time you will get everything. With this project I will be posting my ideas, planning, results of research and the project … Continue reading

Creating Plasma in a Microwave

Plasma Preview

After speaking with John Cohn and hearing about this experiment I just had to try it. Video recording is rough but you’ll get the idea. Soon I will be ramping this up when I start my series of microwave oven experiments where we will build everything from a high voltage power supply … Continue reading

RedBeards Lab Gets New Equipment

Is that a pile of junk? That is a gold mine for this guy. New equipment for the RedBeard lab. I have no idea if any of this stuff works except the centrifuge which does very well. My son has an interest in becoming a Genetic Engineer so I told him … Continue reading

Projects for 2016


Happy New Years Everyone!!! Here’s a preview of a few projects that I have planned for this year. Automated AeroGarden An automated AeroGarden based hydroponic-ish herb garden. I picked up this AeroGarden version 3 at a resale shop for about $8. I took it apart, cleaned it up, tested the unit … Continue reading

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 Power Supply Repair

715t2056-1 Prior to Repairs

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 2006 – 37” LCD TV with Fluorescent Backlight Information on TV Got a call about this Philips TV and was asked if I could fix it. When I went to check it out the TV was already taken apart and the owner had already researched the … Continue reading