Gold Rush and other We’re Alive Updates

This is just a brief sharing of information. We just recorded an episode with Kc Wayland Tuesday night chuck full of info. That episode will be put out next week. This is a partial update to Gold Rush – What we do and don’t know. Gold Rush Gold Rush will have … Continue reading

BonusEp: Logan – The FanCast Ep1

This is the first recorded episode of “The FanCast”! It doesn’t have an official page or feed yet, but we’re going to start recording and sharing anyways.  This show won’t always have the same guests, but RedBeard and Mick will normally be one or both of the hosts. Visit us … Continue reading

BonusEp: Rogue One Conversation – MickRed Movies Ep1

Mick brings his friends Ash, GunShow, and TopNotch onto the podcast to talk Rogue One: A Star Wars story just after they finished watching it!! This may become it’s own MickRed Movies podcast in the future. Continue reading

Ep 1 Dared To Survive Podcast During Lunch

This is our first podcast episode leading up to our video series on Youtube. This is a rough recording using a phone during lunch with the guys. Most episodes in the future will be recorded with better equipment. Thanks for listening!     Music Credits: Theme Song Burt by JM Ballard Special … Continue reading

Projects for 2016


Happy New Years Everyone!!! Here’s a preview of a few projects that I have planned for this year. Automated AeroGarden An automated AeroGarden based hydroponic-ish herb garden. I picked up this AeroGarden version 3 at a resale shop for about $8. I took it apart, cleaned it up, tested the unit … Continue reading

Ep05 – Superman 36 (New52) – The Men of Tomorrow Chapter 5 w/ RedBeard

This is a special show because one of my very best friends, RedBeard, has joined me to talk about Superman!! We get that twist we’ve been waiting for, and a cliffhanger question that demands answers. We’ll see what we can do…We’ll cover New 52 Superman #36, talk about the story and art, talk some news, the DC Famous Movie covers, and much more!! Get to know RedBeard now, he’ll be back often!! Continue reading

Ep 53: Shirley Jordan (Tanya) Interview

We got to talk to Shirley Jordan who voices Tanya! We’re Alive’s kick butt Momma and one really awesome Woman. Have a listen and learn more about Shirley, Tanya and more! Continue reading

Ep 48: Otto Sturcke (Vic) Interview

We caught up with Otto Sturcke who plays Vic in We’re Alive. It was great to learn more behind the scenes stuff about what he thinks about the show, his character and LOT more about Otto. He’s incredibly talented, and we hope you take a look at his art which is linked below. (He also takes commissions to do custom art for you!!) Continue reading