001 – Lunch with Mick and RedBeard

This is a different kind of show, and something to listen to while in between episodes. We talk all kinds of things, Superman, Daredevil TV, Avengers Age of Ultron, Interstellar, physics, depressing subjects and more…Don’t worry, no facts were harmed in the making of this episode, or checked either. Continue reading

Ep05 – Superman 36 (New52) – The Men of Tomorrow Chapter 5 w/ RedBeard

This is a special show because one of my very best friends, RedBeard, has joined me to talk about Superman!! We get that twist we’ve been waiting for, and a cliffhanger question that demands answers. We’ll see what we can do…We’ll cover New 52 Superman #36, talk about the story and art, talk some news, the DC Famous Movie covers, and much more!! Get to know RedBeard now, he’ll be back often!! Continue reading