Make Batman West Again

Picture it Adam West in a delusion of grandeur convinced that he is Batman. That is the Batman movie I want. Is that so crazy? I mean we had a Batman suit with nipples and we had Cast Iron Man so why not Adam West again in a super hero comedy? Just imagine … Continue reading

Ep08 – Superman 39 & 40 (New52)

Mick and RedBeard cover Superman #39 & 40 – Human for a Day and that, uh, Justice League one. Continue reading

Ep01 – Superman 32 (New52) – The Men of Tomorrow Chapter 1

Here’s Episode 1 of my Comic Podcast! My main feature the next few months will be the current Geoff John’s run on New 52 Superman starting with #32 in this episode. Continue reading

Promo for Mick’s Super Comic ‘Cast

Hello all, and thanks for downloading the Promo for my Comic Podcast! New shows will drop Monthly on the 15th. Continue reading