BonusEp: Logan – The FanCast Ep1

This is the first recorded episode of “The FanCast”! It doesn’t have an official page or feed yet, but we’re going to start recording and sharing anyways.  This show won’t always have the same guests, but RedBeard and Mick will normally be one or both of the hosts. Visit us … Continue reading

BonusEp: Rogue One Conversation – MickRed Movies Ep1

Mick brings his friends Ash, GunShow, and TopNotch onto the podcast to talk Rogue One: A Star Wars story just after they finished watching it!! This may become it’s own MickRed Movies podcast in the future. Continue reading

Oh Reddit how you hurt my brain

Gravity Well -

Physics is amazing Continue reading

How to Fight Presidents – Hilarious Overview of Presidential History

What to Listen to…… How to Fight Presidents Ash‘s suggestions are sometimes questionable considering his undying love of bad movies but this, this was hilarious. I’ve never been so entertained or laughed so much about historical accounts of well anything especially American presidents. Written by Daniel O’Brien a hilarious writer for/director for/co-creator of Cracked and narrated … Continue reading

Ep10 – Flashpoint: Project Superman Pt 2 – Prologue to Superman:Lois & Clark

I’m setting the stage to talk about Superman: Lois and Clark. This time out it’s Superman: Lois and Clark Prologue Part 2 – Flashpoint: Project Superman #’s 1,2 and 3. Meet my good friend Ash, who has a lot to say about Superman!  We cover this very underrated story  about what happens … Continue reading