Ep 2: Bronzeville Episode 1 Coverage

Welcome to episode 2 of the Bronzeville FanCast covering episode 1 of the Bronzeville Series. You’re hosts are MickGinger, DW Witch Doctor and MrRedBeard. We will be covering every new release of Bronzeville.

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Aunt Sally’s Policy Players’ Dream Book & Policy Pete’s Dream Book

Bronzeville: Black Chicago in Pictures, 1941 – 1943


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Excerpt of Louis Armstrong’s cover of Old Man Mose which is Public Domain which was remixed


Ep 1: Bronzeville Preview Coverage

Welcome to episode 1 of the Bronzeville FanCast. You’re hosts are MickGinger, DW Witch Doctor and MrRedBeard. We will be covering every new release of Bronzeville. Forgive us for the audio quality due to technical issues. The audio was cleaned up quite a bit and we promise to strive for better every time.

Be sure to check out our Bronzeville FAQ.

Click here to listen to the Bronzeville Series Preview

We broke it down so if you haven’t, take a listen and see what all you hear.

  • When – June 11 1945
  • Where – Bronzeville, Chicago
  • Numbers, Policy Wheel
  • Characters we heard directly or were name dropped
  • Numbers games are helping pay for the hospital, library
  • Story components are going to include love, crime and art

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Listen to our interview with Kc Wayland about Bronzeville

Check back here for episodes, articles and hopefully interviews

Music Credits:

Excerpt of Louis Armstrong’s cover of Old Man Mose which is Public Domain which was remixed

RedBeard’s Donnie Darko Mask

Favorite moment of the Donnie Darko mask
Favorite moment of the Donnie Darko mask

I’ve been wanting to make a Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny mask for some time now and finally got around to doing before this last Halloween. Disclaimer I’m no sculptor and have no experience with this. Definitely not perfect and I’m going to retry for something better later but I’ll share anyways.


This was a ton of fun to do but I think I might take some art classes at the AR Innovation Hub, a local maker space, soon.


I used a combination of paper mache and paper mache clay to make this mask. Paper mache clay is awesome!! I started with a styrofoam form and a blank plastic mask (that was too small).

Cara Brookins has a write up on paper mache clay. Cara is an author and super mom who I hope to interview after reading a few more of her books. I had the pleasure of meeting Cara a few years ago at River City Comic Con.


As you browse through the progress you’ll notice I started off with an uneven form and it never got better. I thought I’d fill in the lower jaw area to make the mask fill the outline of the printed mask but then removed it with haste. I also found out late that the paper mache clay needs to be kneaded and worked for a while before it becomes pliable. The mask ended up being a bit small but weighed a ton like hurt your neck ton.

I learned a lot from this project. I’m open to any tips you might have for the paper mache clay and sculpting in general.


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Mask from the movie no comparison

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Pictures from the build

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Comic Artist & Author Trent Westbrook

20160726_140159MrsRedBeard and I (MrRedBeard) have made it a point to seek out local comic artists and authors while we are traveling. To launch this we reached out to Trent Westbrook today and met up with him in Corpus Christi, Texas yesterday. Trent is the author and artist behind a series called Corpus Christi2d4805cdf7a5cb6be75bd70f505f7a48_original

The art work was very compelling so we bought issue 6 unable to find any others. MrsRedBeard reached out to Trent on facebook and arranged to met up to grab the volume. Bonus it is also signed!!! Once we get a chance to read the volume we will post a review.

Tidbit: In 2014 a successfully funded KickStarter campaign was launched to raise the funds necessary to produce Corpus Christi volume 1. We had the opportunity of buying the last copy we could find directly from Trent himself.




RedBeard Reconnecting with Spawn

Spawn Comic Cover Issue 1Slowly I’m getting back into Spawn my all time favorite comic series. There’s so much I’m not remembering about the series so I’m starting back at Issue #1. Comixology has all of Spawn available to subscribers but I want some of the physical copies for my collection. I ordered 1-11 and just got them in. I also have a collection of original figures that I will be getting out of storage soon.

For those that don’t know Spawn is a series created by Todd McFarlane about Al Simmons a Marine that was killed and whose soul went to hell. Given the chance Al sold his soul for another chance to walk the earth and see his wife again but his return among the living is five years later, his wife is re-married to his best friend and Al finds himself to be a demonic creature. Jaded by the situation, the deal and his new position in “life” he becomes a sort of anti-hero.

The art work in Spawn to me is unmatched by any other and is one of the first things that drew me into the series. Flipping through these issues is bringing back so many memories. As I go through each issue I am going to try and at least make note of key things, thoughts and major events here on the blog.

Spawn Collection

Some of you may remember there being a movie but that is a review for another day. But do know considering its time the movie wasn’t as bad as some would make it out to be.


Ep 48: Otto Sturcke (Vic) Interview

We caught up with Otto Sturcke who  plays Vic in We’re Alive.  It was great to learn more behind the scenes stuff about what he thinks about the show, his character and LOT more about Otto.  He’s incredibly talented, and we hope you take a look at his art which is linked below.  (He also takes commissions to do custom art for you!!)

Places you can Find Otto



Things that Otto talked about during the conversation:

The Oscar Winning “Projects Lumiere”. They took all the obstacles the Lumiere brothers had when the first film was ever shot to tell a story. Same time too and done in one take. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBrAAwSUewY

Below is a few links to see some of Otto

Check out Otto on Babylon-5 Back in ’99 From Otto:

Here’s an oldie but goodie. Shot in 1999 I think,…CRUSADE, a Babylon 5 spin off that didn’t do well. My scene starts at 7:20 and I have 2 line at 7:55. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdIV2JWFnOw

Here’s Otto on Mad TV! Nice Fast ball Vic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_IW6ZKNtaE

This last one is funny, and the outtakes are HILARIOUS!

I’m going to regret ever showing you this. My friend’s student film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0-9Ba0aNLE

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