Dungeons and Dragons

D&D Starter SetI don’t think Mick has and I have never played dungeons and dragons before. I have watched people play D&D in the past and for me it was very boring until I watched a buddy I served with take on the role of a DM. The story was so creative with hilarious twists and outcomes. That’s been years but recently the guys were talking and we decided we needed to give it a go.

MrsRedBeard and I (MrRedBeard) have been wanting to have a game night for some time so when I brought up D&D she was not only on board she ordered the D&D Starter Set. I have the coolest wife. The Starter Set included dice, character sheets, adventure book, rule book and other reference materials.

On a side note for game night we also got the Rick & Morty card game but that is for another time.

If you have any D&D tips or resources for beginners please let us know by leaving a comment below, use the contact us page, or via social media.

The plan is to record audio and maybe video during sessions then release them here on MickRed.


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