Wismec Reuleaux rX2/3 Check Battery Fix

Reuleaux RX2/3 Fix

If you want help fixing your device or want me to do it please contact me. With no drops, no overheating, 2 batteries in use and a lower power user the Wismec rX2/3 started throwing a Check Battery error. I did not have the proper hex bit to do the existing standard fixes … Continue reading

DIY Geiger Counter – Planning

I’ve always wanted to have and build a Geiger Counter. This doesn’t mean I want to start experimenting with radioactive materials, I just have a general interest. At most I might collect items from thrift stores that measure higher than normal amounts of radiation. At most I wouldn’t mind sputtering … Continue reading

Parsing Digital Sheet Music MXL Files – Stranger Things Theme Song on Arduino

Arduino Stranger Things

I’ve been toying around with playing music using simple tones on the Arduino. I’m no composer or musician so looking around for sheet music I eventually stumbled across MXL files on a few sites like MuseScore.com. Below I have posted a sample of the Arduino playing the Stranger Things theme song. MXL … Continue reading

RedBeards Lab Gets New Equipment

Is that a pile of junk? That is a gold mine for this guy. New equipment for the RedBeard lab. I have no idea if any of this stuff works except the centrifuge which does very well. My son has an interest in becoming a Genetic Engineer so I told him … Continue reading

How I fixed my Poweradd Solar Panel Portable Charger

Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh High Capacity Solar Panel Portable Charger Solar type: Monocrystalline Solar Panel (highest efficiency rates) Original Cost: $19.99 on Amazon The other day I was very bummed to find out that my solar charging battery backup had failed and no longer charged via sun or either USB. I … Continue reading

Turning a lamp on and off with an arduino uno

Turning a lamp on and off with an arduino uno and a relay break-out board. I will post more about this later. Continue reading

My DIY E-Cig Was on HackADay


A while back I posted a DIY Variable Voltage E-Cig how-to on Instructables.com and it eventually got picked up on HackADay.com here. I look at articles that make their way to HackADay as successes so when I found out that mine had made it I got excited and nerded out. Since then … Continue reading

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 Power Supply Repair

715t2056-1 Prior to Repairs

Philips TV Model 37mf331d/37 2006 – 37” LCD TV with Fluorescent Backlight Information on TV Got a call about this Philips TV and was asked if I could fix it. When I went to check it out the TV was already taken apart and the owner had already researched the … Continue reading

Who Lives in a Pineapple?

Spongebob Peltier Cooler missing power cord – $6 from Savers (a thrift shop) – Originally sold for $45-$60 DC Female Plug – $3.99 from radio shack 12vdc Power Supply – $1.99 from Savers (a thrift shop) Total Cost – 11.98 Cost Difference from Original Price: ~$38.02 I searched for a while to … Continue reading