Make Batman West Again

Picture it Adam West in a delusion of grandeur convinced that he is Batman. That is the Batman movie I want. Is that so crazy? I mean we had a Batman suit with nipples and we had Cast Iron Man so why not Adam West again in a super hero comedy? Just imagine … Continue reading

Interstellar – Movie

Why did it take us so long to post about Interstellar? Yesh! This movie was incredible. Science was spot on and Artistic representations were as good as it gets when trying to conceptualize concepts that are only theory in humanity’s grasp. Interstellar covers Black holes, Wormholes, String Theory, Multi-Dimensional existence, Time Dilation … Continue reading

Gravity – Movie

I freak out about space stuff.  If there is any thing going on that has to do with space, chances are it will have a great deal of my attention.  However , when I first saw the trailer for this movie a few months back for some reason my skeptical … Continue reading