Parsing Digital Sheet Music MXL Files – Stranger Things Theme Song on Arduino

Arduino Stranger Things

I’ve been toying around with playing music using simple tones on the Arduino. I’m no composer or musician so looking around for sheet music I eventually stumbled across MXL files on a few sites like Below I have posted a sample of the Arduino playing the Stranger Things theme song. MXL … Continue reading

Primitive Shelter Building – Lessons Learned

Time –  Make sure you give yourself as much time as possible to build your shelter but not so much that you neglect other survival needs. We only had about an hour before we lost daylight. Remember if you are doing this for multiple days you can improve your shelter as … Continue reading

Preparedness vs Reaction

Being prepared and reacting are two separate things. Preparedness is what resources, training and the mindset you have. Reaction is how you respond to a situation. You may be saying to yourself those are directly related and not necessarily something that can be compared. Just as an example everyone has either met or heard of that guy … Continue reading

Urban Survival Part 1

What is Urban Survival? Part 1 So when most people think about disasters they most likely associate Fema and the Red Cross. Others may stumble across wiki articles on survival, survival websites, survival blogs, simple search results, etc. Don’t misunderstand, these may be good resources or starting places and you should consider reviewing them. Just remember that … Continue reading

Wilderness Survival Part 1

What is Wilderness Survival? A Wiki entry for Survival Skills states that “Survival skills are techniques a person may use in a dangerous situation”. Dared to Survive says that Wilderness Survival is the ability to survive in the wilderness throughout various seasons and weather conditions. People are most likely to use these skills … Continue reading